Bill Peach Journeys takes the worry out of travelling and lets you have the journey of a lifetime. When you travel on any escorted group journey with Bill Peach Journeys, many things are made simple - there's no baggage handling to worry about, there's no tipping and there are no optional extra charges. You will enjoy the comforts of a private room and the camaraderie of travellers with a common outlook and sense of adventure. As always when you travel on Bill Peach Journeys as a Single Traveller you will: • Have your own room – no twin sharing with a stranger! • Travel with like-minded people who share a common outlook and sense of adventure • Have the opportunity to share experiences and meals with new friends but also have the comfort of a private room at the end of the day • Go to places you would not go to on your own • There’s no baggage handling to worry about • All inclusive, all meals, touring and accommodation