Bill Peach Journeys has been the innovative leader in land and air tours in Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years. With our unparalleled experience and knowledge, you can be assured of the ultimate small group luxury travel experience by private aircraft throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Since the first Great Australian Aircruise in 1983, an Air Tour with Bill Peach Journeys has been, and continues to be, the perfect way to explore hard to reach destinations in the style, speed and comfort of your own private aircraft. Landing directly in each location ensures that time on the ground is spent discovering and enjoying each region rather than driving across vast dusty distances. The style of aircraft is chosen to provide the best possible access into remote locations. 

At Bill Peach Journeys our passion for innovative group travel is unmatched. Our destination services are impeccable and our tours inspire with uniquely life-enriching experiences. Travelling by private aircraft is such a unique way to see Australia and New Zealand, it is a journey that will never be forgotten. Seeing these stunning countries from the air, and in the style that is synonymous with Bill Peach Journeys, is something that only a privileged few will experience. 

The private aircraft Advantage:
  • Private aircraft dedicated to your travel experience
  • Experienced pilots and cabin crew
  • No wasted travel time or long drives over dusty roads
  • Land directly into the heart of each destination
  • No queuing or check in formalities at airports
  • Unsurpassed aerial ‘flightseeing’ over Australia and New Zealand’s breathtaking natural highlights for a perfect birdseye perspective
  • On larger aircraft there is complimentary bar services onboard with superb inflight catering 
Style of Aircraft The style of aircraft is specifically chosen by our journey planners to provide the best possible access into remote locations and can range from a 12 seat cessna caravan, 30 seat sAAB 340B or a 15 seat Jetstream aircraft.  In some remote locations such as the glaciers in Southern New Zealand or Kakadu in the northern Territory, clients may be transferred from the larger aircraft into smaller planes to access these extraordinary locations. 

In the words of Bill Peach - The pioneer of Aircruising in Australia & New Zealand. "Our formula is simple, travelling by private aircraft means that we can land directly into each location ensuring your time on the ground is spent exploring the local region, not wasting hours by car or coach. Our success has come from an uncompromising level of service that we provide for our clients. We do hope that we have the pleasure of your company on one of our journeys."  

Travelling to timeless lands in no time at all!