Throughout the past 40 years, Bill Peach Journeys has demonstrated unsurpassed innovation and a passion for creating luxury tours around Australia & New Zealand.

Bill Peach Journeys began with a vision of providing more personal and enlightening outback experiences in Australia, and has led to new journeys of discovery being introduced worldwide. The company was founded by Bill Peach & Nancy Knudsen in 1983 and has changed forever the way people travel in Australia and around the world. The Bill Peach Journeys style of all-inclusive, luxury tours include destinations throughout Australia, New Zealand and fascinating destinations across the globe.

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As an Australian owned and operated company since its establishment in 1983, the unique Bill Peach Journeys offers discerning travellers luxurious, all-inclusive, personalised tours aboard private aircraft, luxury ships and private trains.

Immerse yourself in incredible cultures and experience the remarkable sights of our world in the best way possible, with Bill Peach Journeys.

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