When intrepid traveller Bill Peach hosted the very first Great Australian Aircruise in May 1984, he was already no stranger to outback travel.

Following his eight years as the presenter of the ABC’s ground breaking current affairs programme “This Day Tonight”, Bill began his “Peach’s Australia” documentary series.

He made 27 programs in 2 years, filming in every part of Australia. The ABC estimated that Bill and his team travelled the equivalent of 5 times around the world without leaving Australia. There was no need to leave the country with such vast landscapes to explore in our own backyard.

Bill probably added another 5 times around the world while making his other programmes “Holiday with Bill Peach”, “Peach’s Australian Cities”, “Peach’s Gold” and “The Explorers”. But in 1984 he exchanged the ABC’s battered 4 wheel drive vehicles for a more salubrious mode of transport – the F27 Fokker Friendship aircraft.

Bill took many travellers on trips of many thousand kilometres in Australia and overseas. He also wrote ten books on Australian history, as well as many magazine stories and newspaper columns. He received many awards including a special Logie for Outstanding Personal Contribution to Australian Television and was awarded the Order of Australia (AM) for his services to Australian media and tourism.

Bill Peach passed on 27 August 2013, but his legacy continues on.  We will proudly continue to offer the highest quality journeys, remembering Bill and his generous nature always.

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